Try Burning It, The Fire Manifesto

I consider fire to be the greatest masterpiece of all. It possesses captivating qualities that engulf all our senses and holds immense cultural significance. It embodies both illumination and warmth, as well as the potential for destruction, evoking feelings of both safety and danger, making it a fascinating subject to explore.

Through experimental research and analog projection techniques, I have developed an installation that honours the sublimity of fire. Using fresnel lenses, I project images of dancing flames that submerge the environment, immersing the audience in its mesmerising glow. My intention is to kindle curiosity and instil a sense of wonder in the viewers, fostering a deep appreciation for nature and and the very essence of being.

Let us celebrate the profound connection between art and nature, as we appreciate the raw power and duality of fire—representing both warmth and destruction, safety and peril.

If your art isn't as captivating as fire, try burning it.

Try Burning It, The Fire Manifesto
©Studio Ayşe Emre