Ayşe Emre

b.1997, Leiden

Ayşe graduated cum laude at St. Joost School of Art & Design (BR) with a bachelor in Photography, Film & the Digital.

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I am fascinated by the power of natural phenomena. The vastness of the sky, the flickering flames of a campfire and the untamed energy of the sea inspire me. I try to capture and isolate these experiences in my installations, creating immersive and multisensory experiences that allow spectators to experience these moments of wonder in a new and profound way.

In my work, I explore themes of nullity, existentialism and the auratic. My creative process consists of experimentation and discovery. I approach each material with curiosity and a desire to learn, developing a relationship with the materials and exploring their unique properties. With lenses, mirrors, light and fire, I create installations that stimulate the senses and encourage contemplation and introspection. In my installations, I intentionally create spaces in which the audience has the freedom to explore.  Through co-creation and interaction with my installations, a shared space is created in which new perspectives emerge.

In my work, I try to create a balance between beauty and the darker, more complex emotions that arise when we are confronted with the sublime. My art is an ode to nature and the incredible experiences it has to offer, as well as a meditation on our place in that world.
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